5 seconds of Summer performs at the Ak Chin Pavilion in Phoenix, AZ

An Australian band of 4 rocked the Ak-Chin Pavilion critical Saturday night with hundreds of swooning fan-girls. Clearly, 5 seconds of Summer appeals to a specific audience; the girls… and also the boyfriends or parents that obtained dragged follow me for the show. However, no one’s ticket saw waste the night since what a display it was! v the guitar and drum solos, no one deserve to deny they have talent. I’m not going come lie, I had my 5sos craze-faze not so lengthy ago. Traveling to an L.A. Showing and also just recently seeing lock in Barcelona, may put into perspective of how easy it is to desire to follow their journey v “making that big”.

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A band with 8,000 backup singers brought out the tunes from their recent album, Sounds good Feels Good, absolutely creating those vibes. It to be not just their vocals however that lit up the phase – your charismatic characters exposed v each little bit of comment they’d shared after a couple of songs or so.


One of my favorite moments the the night arisen the 2nd they stepped on stage. A band who is strong instrumentally-oriented began their collection list with nothing however voices. Together the harmonies in between Calum Hood (bass guitarist), Michael Clifford (guitarist), Luke Hemmings (guitarist) and Ashton Irwin (drums) lugged through the start of Carry On. Throughout Amnesia, the illuminated Ak-Chin Pavilion filled with beaming flashlights as the speed slowed. It virtually seemed tranquil as anyone quieted down to hear command vocalist Luke Hemmings struggle every note.

Dating back to 2011, the years wherein covers to be uploaded to Youtube, and gigs could not to fill a room, this band has actually come a lengthy way. When One Direction member, luigi Tomlinson, scrolled through their channel, 5 secs of Summer’s career began to heat up. Throughout both One Direction tours, Take Me Home and Where we Are, 5 seconds of Summer was the opened act. Their very first single, She Looks so Perfect soon resulted in the She Looks for this reason Perfect EP. A couple of EPs and two albums later, your 2014 hit is still resonating through fans.

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“Phoenix will constantly have a special ar in our hearts” Michael Clifford yelled come the crowd in closing. Arizona was 5 secs Of Summer’s very first headline show, and also coming back here for their second world tour must say something around our crowd.