The Gray team defeated the Scarlet team, 28-17, in Ohio State"s yearly spring football video game in front of a record-breaking crowd at Ohio stadion in Columbus, Ohio. 

One year after setup the nationwide spring video game attendance record with 99,391 fans at the Horseshoe, OSU upped the ante Saturday v 100,189 fans on hand to witness the exhibition, according to Bruce Feldman that Fox Sports.

That prompted head coach metropolitan Meyer to display his gratitude top top Twitter:

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Junior quarterback J.T. Barrett entered the game with all eyes ~ above him, however he struggled with two interceptions because that the Scarlet team, while student in the first year Joe Burrow put up 196 yards and also three scores v the air because that the Gray squad.

As seen in this GIF courtesy the Ohio State Buckeyes top top Twitter, the players to be pumped and also ready come play after ~ a lengthy offseason:

That contained Meyer, who gone into the dispute with a positive outlook, as confirmed by this video via Ohio State ~ above BTN:


OhioStAthletics progressed throughout spring practice? city Meyer tells you what he's seen. Https://

Emotions ran high prior to the start of the game, as a minute of silence was held for late Ohio State and new Orleans Saints defensive end will Smith, as checked out in this video detailed by huge Ten Network:


Ohio State just hosted a minute of silence for late star will certainly Smith. Https://

Eric Seger that Eleven Warriors offered a look in ~ the helmet decals Buckeyes football player wore in storage of Smith:


Here is a look at the will Smith decal every Ohio State players have on their helmets for today's feather game:

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After gift mired in a quarterback debate with Cardale Jones and also Braxton Miller end the previous couple seasons, Barrett stepped onto the field as the unquestioned starter Saturday and also got his spring off to a confident start on the an initial drive.

He completed 6 of his seven attempts for 40 yards, and kicker Sean Nuernberger finished it off through a 43-yard field goal to placed Scarlet top top top, 3-0: