In November that 2008, the U.S. Ar Court in Seattle authorized a class action settlement because that owners and also lessees of details 2003 come 2006 GM vehicles, which were alleged to have actually defective speedometers. The Chevrolet Silverado was one of these, and also there have, indeed, been numerous instances of the instrument dashboard in these (and plenty of other) general Motors vehicles occurring problems.

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The G.M. One-of-a-kind Coverage Adjustment approve in conjunction with the ruling forced GM to change these tool panels in ~ no expense to the consumer on vehicles in ~ 7 years or 70,000 miles (110,000 km) the the date they were very first placed in service. Panels on vehicles 7 year old or younger through 70,001 mile (110,001 km) to 80,000 mile (130,000 km) would obtain replacements, yet the owner or lessee to be responsible because that the expense of labor. Owners of vehicles the qualified yet who had currently paid for the repair themselves could be eligible for reimbursement, up to the price the dealership would have actually charged, as lengthy as appropriate proof can be provided.

According come the agreement, owner of vehicles older 보다 7 years or who had driven

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Case Documents

* Settlement covenant (PDF)

* Class notice with Reimbursement Claim form (PDF)

* business Bulletin regarding “Special Coverage” (Complete) (PDF)

Of course, together of the finish of 2013 or so, almost every one of the vehicles impacted were external of the age limits for cost-free replacement. However that doesn’t median that the tool panels to be working. Unfortunately for the owners, the expense of repairing the instrument swarm at the dealership, and at numerous shops, might run as high together $600, also $800.

We at Dr. Speedometer nothing think it is fair. Or reasonable. We know that these instrument clusters deserve to be repaired for far less, and that is exactly what we do. Plus, we carry out it the job we receive it so the you can get earlier on the road fast, regularly within a week. Us pay because that you to ship the faulty panel to us and also to ship it back an excellent as new, and also we insurance our occupational for life. The parts we use are the exact same as the ones friend would acquire at the dealership – with brand-new OEM manufacturing facility redesigned electric motors (X27.168), not old surplus or motors stripped indigenous junkyard devices that are most likely to failure again. Every gauge will certainly be refurbished, every meter engine replaced, whether it has already failed or not. We desire you to have actually an tool panel that works, and we nothing think girlfriend should need to sell the farm yard to obtain it.

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Have questions? give us a speak to (1-800-405-1056) or shoot us an email– we receive and answer every one personally. Ready to gain things rolling? Visit our order page and also print out your shipping brand so girlfriend can acquire your dashboard in the letter today and get ago on the road.