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FromToMakeModelSeries TrimSize(C.I/L)TransmissionNoteCore ChargePrice
20042005ChevroletImpala207/3.4Auto or ManualSecondary air Injection (AIR) device Delete300.001963.00 add to Cart


Fuel TypeGasolineFuel SystemNaturally AspiratedCylinders6Engine TypeOHV V6Engine dimension - C.I/Liters207/3.4TransmissionAuto or ManualVIN TypeE
Installation InstructionsBreak-in oil, engine pre-lube and break-in procedures and also gasket kit shipped v engine. Expert Installation recommendedEngine Description2004-2005 Chevrolet GMC general Motors 207 C.I. 3.4L OHV 2v V6; LA1; stole Engine Block; iron Cylinder Heads; 10mm Rocker Bolts; "Half Moon" Camshaft Trigger; second Air Injection (AIR) system Delete; boring 3.622”; punch 3.307”; Compression proportion 9:1; Firing order 1-2-3-4-5-6; speech 210

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3650; skilled Installation Recommended
Head Cast170, 487Block Cast227, 253, 089, 934Crank Cast17, 268, 981, 1X-148071
19992005ChevroletImpala5th-Gen. GM platforms231/3.8Auto or Manual400.002060.00 include to Cart


Fuel TypeGasolineFuel SystemNaturally AspiratedCylinders6Engine TypeOHV V6Engine dimension - C.I/Liters231/3.8TransmissionAuto or ManualVIN TypeK,2
Installation InstructionsPre-lube and Break-In procedure, engine oil and gasket kit shipped v engine. Skilled installation recommendedEngine Description1997 - 2005 Buick GM Oldsmobile Pontiac 3.8L OHV 2v V6; L26, L36 ; clues FWD or RWD; IMPORTANT: exactly installation procedures, post-installation diagnostic documentation, break-in procedure and also warranty contract registration compelled for vouch considerations.Head Cast134, 4781, 8134Block Cast343434 24506029, 12585793Crank Cast22323323 2170
19972005ChevroletImpala5th-Gen. GM platforms231/3.8Hydra-Matic 4T...Supercharged applications (unit not included)400.002320.00 include to Cart


Fuel TypeGasolineFuel SystemForced InductionCylinders6Engine TypeOHV V6Engine size - C.I/Liters231/3.8TransmissionHydra-Matic 4T65-EVIN Type1,4
Installation InstructionsEngine pre-lube and break-in procedures, break-in oil and also gasket kit shipped with engine. Professional Installation recommendedEngine Description1997 - 2005 GMC general Motors copy, group 3.8L OHV 2v V6; B/C/O/P auto applications; supercharged (unit not included); steel cyl. Heads; steel block; bore 3.80"; punch 3.40"; Compression ratio 8.5:1; speech 240