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I constantly love stocking up on South eastern literature as soon as I take trips come India and also my relatives living there have picked up on this. Naturally, ns was very pleased when my cousin gifted me “2 States” as a going-away present. Ns was even an ext pleased since both my cousin and also his mam had currently read the book and could not prevent raving about it. I was very excited to discover this novel, especially, because it permitted me to obtain a glimpse the what kind of stories my cousins in India enjoy and also can relate to.

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Chetan Bhagat is on the rise among the younger generation in India and has written five best-selling novels therefore far. That has likewise earned the location of “the biggest-selling English-language novelist in India’s history” by the New York Times. two of his novels have also inspired Bollywood movies, “3 Idiots” being one of them. After reading “2 States,” I have the right to vouch for every the hype that surrounds Bhagat.

The novel concentrates on the love story the a Tamil girl, Ananya and also a Punjabi boy, Krish, that were top top a mission to get married. It complies with the storyline of any type of typical Bollywood movie, ns wish I can say there were dramatic deviations from this fact, however there wasn’t. However, the publication was quiet a good read.

Prior come the couple’s decision to gain married, Bhagat uses the reader an comprehensive look right into the premarital relationship of the two, which recorded me by surprise. To trust me, as soon as I say the very few Bollywood movie would include the details Bhagat did when it involves Ananya and Krish’s relationship. He enforcement this in a an extremely tasteful and also natural method without abusing the subject of premarital sexuality as South oriental media so regularly tends to do. The story flowed well and there was a good balance between their life before wanting to obtain married and also their mission to make the 7 rounds of the fire.

Bhagat did a an excellent job of presenting the readers to both character’s families and in instances whereby both parties were present, the juxtaposition exuded tension and also discomfort that certainly resonated v the readers. This novel was an extremely much around family and also how necessary it is to gain the family members approval prior to embarking on something through a significant other. After reading this book, that is clean why couples in India reap it therefore much. It likewise shows whereby the younger generation stand in regards to relationships and also love marriage.

Overall, this to be an entertaining and also light read. If you enjoy Bollywood stories through a slightly much more realistic feel, you will certainly most probably enjoy this story.

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