Republican man Lujan (left) and also Democrat candid Ramirez (right), will face off in a runoff distinct Election because that Texas residence District 118. The winner will replace Leo Pacheco. (brickandmortarphilly.com)
SAN ANTONIO – A Republican that once hosted the seat and also a Democrat will go head-to-head in a runoff after ~ no clear winner was chose Tuesday night in the one-of-a-kind election to fill the chair of previous state Rep. Leo Pacheco of mountain Antonio.

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With 100% of the poll counted, Republican man Lujan obtained 2.938 or 41% of the vote. Coming in 2nd was Democrat candid Ramirez, who captured 1,416 or 20% of the vote. To protect against a runoff, the top vote-getter would need to receive an ext than 50 portion points plus one vote.

Gov. Greg Abbott will pick a day for the runoff election.

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State Representative, district 118



John Lujan(R)
Frank Ramirez(D)
Desi Martinez(D)
Katie Farias(D)
Adam E. Salyer(R)
100% that Precincts reporting

(30 / 30)

John Lujan (R) 2,938/41%
Frank Ramirez (D) 1,416/20%
Desi Martinez (D) 1,244/18%
Katie Farias (D) 854/12%
Adam E. Salyer (R) 623/9%

100% of vote reporting

This is not the very first time the Lujan has won a special election.


He was victorious in a January 2016 unique election to stand for the district, however in the November 2016 basic election, the was beat by Democrat Tomas Uresti.

Lujan ran again in the general election held in November 2018 yet was soundly defeated by Pacheco.

Pacheco, a Democrat, gave up his seat in the Texas Legislature critical month to take a job at mountain Antonio College.

The district has actually traditionally to be friendly territory for Democrats, though Republicans have collection their sights on it together they try to make south Texas a new battleground in 2022. Special elections often have lower turnout, making the outcome harder come forecast and also often being beneficial for underdogs.

The district

District 118 consists the southern and eastern parts of Bexar County and is residence to 165,000 people, according to the Texas house website. Around 75% that the citizens are Hispanic. Ten thousand occupants are veterans.


Texas house District 118 Map by David Ibanez on Scribd

Pacheco has actually endorsed Ramirez to to fill the seat, as have Bexar County referee Nelson Wolff, mountain Antonio City Councilwoman Adriana Rocha Garcia and San Antonio City Councilman Jalen McKee-Rodriguez, follow to brickandmortarphilly.com companion Texas Tribune.

Find an ext coverage that the 2021 choice here.

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